1.65hp Watkins Wavemaster 7000 Spa Pump (NEW) 36675

1.65hp Watkins Wavemaster  7000 Spa Pump (NEW) 36675
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Manufacturer: Spa Equipment Company LLC
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Product ID : 71699-0-NEW
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This is the third version of the Wavemaster 7000
This version of the Wavemaster pump has seen several revisions that feature different pump heads, all of witch are cross compatible. There are no modifications to use any of the different version 3's and they are all drop in replacements.
We sell a few of the different ver 3 pumps, to see them just input 7000 in the search box above for the other versions, you do need to be sure your purchasing a version 3 as the first two revisions are completely different.


1.65HP 230/115V 1 speed 3450 rpm jet pump.

Used on the Hot Spring brand 1997-1999 Classic, 1997-current Grandee
Sovereign and Prodigy, 1997-current Jetsetter, 1998-2003 Landmark
2001-current Vanguard HP spa models.
Also the replacement for the Tiger River spa models 1997-current Bengal,
Sumatran and 2000-2002 Siberian.

MODEL------YEAR-------------Serial # Range

Bengal-----1997-current-----M 171001 - current
Sumatran---1997-current-----N 171001 - current
Siberian---2000-2002--------L 1B1001 - L 4D9999

PLEASE NOTE: This item has a 3-5 day lead time before it ships from our warehouse due to high demand.
If you can not wait please do not purchase.

Included in the price of this pump is a refundable core charge. When you receive your replacement pump, a paid shipping label will be in the box, if you use it and return your old pump to us we will refund $20.00 to your credit card used to make the purchase. This listing is for a Brand new pump and motor, their are no used or re manufactured parts used in it we only want your old pump to re manufacture it and sell as a re manufactured pump. Thank you for recycling.

Please Also Note:

We also want you to be aware that Watkins does not actually manufacture the pumps used in their spas. We are selling you the same pump built by the manufacture that Watkins contracted with to build this version of the Wavemaster Pump. Depending on stock, you may or may not receive a pump with Watkins Stickers on it. We absolutely guarantee that the pump we are selling is the same one that Watkins used in their hot tubs. It is always possible that the oem manufacture makes changes to improve the original pump or replace it all together. When a pump is no longer available in its original version, we will replace it with the current version just as all Watkins dealers do.

Tech Notes:

If you have a duct connected to the rear of your pump, you can simply re use the rear cover on the new pump or place the duct behind the motor. It is used to remove heat from the compartment witch is completely UN-necassary and in colder climates doesn't make good sense. The motor itself gets the majority of its heat build up removed from the water pumping threw it via the pump shaft. We have done extensive long term research and trials on this and have conclusively proven this.

This is a universal message that applies to all pumps. In cold climates, Our field technicians on rare occasions have needed to use a hair dryer to warm the flexible pipe to make reconnecting a pump simple. Just apply heat evenly around as much of the pipe as your able and it makes reconnecting them a snap even if your replacing with the identical pump.